Bright Vision Transcription Services
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Three-layered quality control system with 17 years of Experience

Medical Transcription Services

8 cents per 65 characters line with same day turnaround

We guarantee final transcript delivery before start of next business day.


Bright Vision Transcription Service customer receives their completed files before start of next business day.  Every transcript is reviewed by US English experts.  Every single document is processed by a three layered quality assurance system to ensure 100% accuracy.  Bright Vision Transcription Services have a team of medical professionals for proof reading. 


Secure Data Handling & Communications: Secure Data Handling & Communications:  Bright vision transcription services guarantee secure handling of data (audio & transcripts) with double layered access protocols.  We offer data transfer through "web access" & FTP with unlimited storage and easy to access interface.  Our web access allows our user to access their transcript from any part of the world by simply log-in.  Our web-base system has following silent features that differentiate us from other transcription service provider.


STAT & Radiology:  Bright Vision Transcription offers its clients optional 4-6 hours Short Turn Around Time (STAT) service upon request 27/4 on flexible rates.


Trademark as of HIPAA & PIPDA Compliance: 

Bright vision is known in transcription market as HIPAA & PIPDA compliant.  Strictly adhere with secure data transfer using double layered virtual security utilizing state-of-the-art hardware and software.

Your work is always in safe hands during can trust......