Bright Vision Transcription Services
 Hire us and forget about your worries of Quality, TAT, Compliance issues & Operational Costs
Three-layered quality control system with 17 years of Experience

General Transcription

Bright Vision Transcription Service is a team of senior transcriptionist and quality controller having 17 years of experience working with a number of clients in USA, CA, UK and Australia.


Our core clients are research institutes across globe.  These institutes are getting benefited from our expertise as of exception service provider of general transcription.

We have a four-layered quality control system for general transcription process:-



  1. Transcriber
  2. Editors (English grammar & punctuation experts)
  3. Formatter (diagrams & graph insertion)
  4. Quality Controller

Our survival in general & business transcription services is self-explanatory about our exceptional services:-


  1. Secure data transfer (Web base & FTP)
  2. Unlimited data storage
  3. Three years backup facility
  4. 24/7 Customer Services